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therefore I am focused on your physical and mental needs together For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed spoiling others. It brings me so much joy to make the people around me happy. When we would go on a date, I will make you feel as comfortable as possible and do my very best to make sure you are having an unforgettable time. We could do a wine tasting together, you could teach me something new or we could have an intimate get together in your hotel room. Whatever you have planned for us, I am positive that we will have a romantic and ravishing time together. We will get to know each other, we will learn from each other, we will enjoy each others company, we will touch and kiss and we will have an absolutely amazing time.

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Of course the best way to spend your time in Brasov is with me, but also let me tell you what you can do here when you want to escape the poluted south of the country


The old center of the city used to be a fortress surrounded by stone walls, right now only a small part remains, but this small part is beautifull; some it's a place of promenade for the lovers; though more then 1000 years past since it was built, the center looks like then; the inhabitants are proud of this arhitecture and like to keep it in shape: some streets are narrow and medieval paved, there are still some other fortresses over the hills, , still some towers, some bastions and famous medieval gates and a very big catholic church in the middle called "the Black Church". The center spot or the "Mayer House" which is a museum right now, used to an execution place some hundreds years ago.


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